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February you’ve snuck up on us so quickly we didn’t see you coming! But seriously how is it the middle of February already? It feels like only yesterday we were stressing over Christmas and New year and now we have welcomed another month.


So what can we expect this month? hopefully no more white stuff because let’s be honest the majority of us woke up and silently cried as we saw the layer of white fresh snow (apart from the kids who were praying for time off school) the thought of driving in the snow fills me with dread and I know our girls aren’t keen on driving in it either but we have homes to take care of and lives to look after.


Last week I mentioned helping with things that make your life easier, but have you forgotten a loved one’s birthday? an anniversary?  Yup the shops are open, but you haven’t got time to go – do you need a sneaky hand from our team? We can have those flowers ordered and delivered so your housekeeper can have them in your home waiting for your loved one to return, your home sparkling and all the chores done, and we can even have your shirt/dress ironed for a night out on the tiles with your loved ones and family. Drop us a line or a sneaky email and we can help you out and save your bacon – life is stressful so why not relax a little and let us take a load off you?



Life goes so fast when you’re working all the hours of the day from Northumberland to Newcastle – it doesn’t leave much time to think about presents or even being in for a parcel delivery or even your Internet food shop. But why not make the most of your housekeeper being there and arrange for delivery while they are in your home? We can have your parcel signed for and your shopping put away in record time, after all, we are here to make your life easier.

If you’re anything like me the thought of missing a parcel is such a stress! Not knowing when you’re going to be able to get to the local sorting office or where ever the delivery driver has dropped it (hopefully they haven’t thrown it over the fence) so having someone there to collect it would be such a load off – especially if it’s your dress for your date or your present for your partner.


So, let your cleaning fairies do what they do best when they arrive at your front door and take the load off your week and if by chance you’re only a follower of my blogs and your still undecided if you need a housekeeper or not – why not give us a ring and myself and Maggie will call out for a chat.


So, have a great Valentine’s day and let’s not forget that special someone in your life, spread the love a little more than normal. It’s nice to be nice and take care of each other.


Look out next week for my top tips that will make life that bit easier


Sandra and the pure team