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The trees are up!

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So, the trees are creeping up and the glitter is sticking to every surface including your face – you’ve wiped the sweat from your brow as the heating is set on high and your slowly becoming jack frost in spring time.  Yup winter also brings the ‘let’s heat the street and half the city’ while the house keeper rushes around your home like a whirling dervish getting all your requirements done.

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A clean home is a happy home

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So, as the saying goes ” A clean home is a happy home” and we strive daily to make someone’s home a very happy one. The run up to the big man arriving is a little bit stressful for a housekeeper as people love to decorate their homes to look festive and pretty but this also adds to the fun of trying not to knock the baubles from the trees while your frantically trying to vacuum around the presents or life size reindeer (I joke). 

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Who is the cleaning fairy?

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If you have stumbled across our blog, you’re either sick of looking at the dust on your TV unit, that could be used as evidence in a crime scene because it has that many finger prints on it, or changing your bed covers has become such a struggle that you’re worried they will soon grow legs and take themselves to the washing machine.

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6 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

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Commonly known as baking soda, Bicarbonate of Soda is a highly effective cleaning agent that also happens to be eco-friendly—and safe to use in your home.

It is one of those everyday household products that can actually be used on practically every surface in the home. In addition,

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