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Happy new year!

So, the festivities are all over here on Tyneside and January is sailing away at a steady pace but don’t be too sad as your little housekeeping fairies are still here to clean up the last of the glitter left behind from the Christmas cards along with your sparkly clothes you wore for New Year’s Eve. But fear not – the glitter shimmers may vanish but the sparkle from your gleaming mirrors and polished taps will still be there to dazzle you when you walk past.

You may think now that the trees have vanished and the decorations are back in their boxes that our life goes back to normal but it’s January and here in Newcastle and all across the northeast there are exercise DVDs, weights and new running gear popping up in all of the houses we look after, it can only mean one thing ,the new year’s resolutions are in full force – protein shake powder appears all over the kitchen and the sweet smell of Strawberry or Vanilla mixed with coconut milk wafts through kitchens in a bid to give our clients and their families  plenty of energy to get on with their busy days.

Ask any housekeeper if they use a gym and they will tell you the same thing – your houses are our personal gym! Carrying a vacuum three flights of stairs or down the street to your home, as there’s no space outside the front door to park, so no need for weight training. Carrying the mounds of ironing upstairs is like carrying a dead weight and make your arms feel twice as long by the time you’re finished putting them in their designated spaces, that are also colour coordinated and twice your height, so a full body stretch is done. Getting to the bottom of the ‘baskets’ (yes there is always more than one washing basket) a better feeling there is not.

Our teams’ jobs do vary from house to house as you can imagine – some may like a general clean were others like you to focus on windows and floors. There are beds to be changed which vary in size from cot beds to super Kings size and yes, we also iron the sheets if our client requires them to be ironed. Making beds can be a task and a half in itself especially if it’s a super king and the sheets are so big and heavy you practically end up inside them flailing around hoping nobody is watching as your trying frantically to get the quilt back on to the bed. But the girls love the challenge and strive to do their very best to meet the needs of our clients and to hear the praise we receive makes us as proud as punch and gives the team a feel good factor which boosts their spirits and give our team such a love for our work and Pure Concierge the business.

So thank you, our customers, for your support throughout 2018 and also to the girls for all your hard work and long may it continue.



The Pure team.