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We only went and won!

The end of January is quickly approaching but it doesn’t seem five minutes ago we were stressing out over Christmas and cleaning for the big man’s arrival yet now we are living in hope that Thursday’s snow fall was as bad as its going to get, doubtful, but we can but dream of another gorgeous British summer.

We are approaching February faster than you can throw a snowball and your housekeeper is gleefully whizzing around your house killing off the remaining nasties that seem to have been caught by almost everyone in the north east in some way, be it a cold, a cough or even man flu! Keeping your home clean is imperative to you, and your family’s, wellbeing which is why we take such care and pride in our work. Simple things can help us stay healthy like reminding the kids to wash their hands properly after going to the loo and before they sit down to eat, wiping down all surfaces prior to preparing food and wiping down handles in the kitchen after handling food. It’s amazing where the bugs can get and how quickly they can spread. Even the cleanest of people can succumb to the dreaded winter bugs – as soon as you leave the house you are at the mercy of those you encounter, be it in the office or at the shops. I always carry a hand sanitiser and an antibacterial spray with me. I’ll spray my shopping trolley handle with antibacterial Thieves spray (you never know how hygienic the person using it before you were)! I’ll also always clean my hands with Young livings hand purifier when I get back in the car. This may seem a tad extreme but who wants to be ill? Who has time to be ill? Not me or my family that’s for sure.

Did you know that not only are we magical in all we do (ahem) we are also an award-winning housekeeping company? That’s right – in December we were awarded the bark 2019 Certificate of Excellence, which is awarded to companies that have the best customer service, reviews and engagement through Barks website. Obviously it’s an amazing feeling to win this award when our business is only just over 2 years old but thanks to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and thanks to our clients leaving such amazing feedback about their housekeepers and also our new addition to the crew,  Mikey, we were given this award which will hopefully be the first of many as customer satisfaction and long term relationships is what we are all about.

Speaking of Mikey! Did you know we don’t just deliver housekeeping to our customers? Our managing Director Simon always had the idea of Pure Concierge being much more than a cleaning company. In August last year he decided to bring in Mikey who is an amazing joiner with a wealth of experience and knowledge dealing with everything from building bespoke kitchens and home offices to laying solid wood floors and fitting fixtures throughout the home and workplace. Having Mikey on board gives our customers access to his services and makes Pure Concierge one of the only numbers you need in your phone. I’ll go even further into our other services in my next blog.

So, while your housekeeper is cleaning up after you and your little treasures, picking up the dirty laundry off the floor that hasn’t quite made it to your laundry basket, your safe in the knowledge that we are award winning laundry picker uppers and proud of it!

We would like to thank you for all your continued support and taking the time to leave us feedback which not only helps us grow and achieve such awards but gives us the ability to recognise and reward our staffs hard work.

Until next week.

Sandra and the Pure team.