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Where do those crumbs come from?

Well, what a start to March and what a couple of weeks it’s been! Our phones have never stopped and neither have our team.  But we wouldn’t change a thing – our girls are starting new homes across Newcastle and Northumberland and our handy man is full of busy repairing homes, fitting a new bathroom and building new furniture and fences – getting gardens ready for those parties and family BBQ s this summer (please be like last year)!


Myself and Maggie have been visiting some potential new clients’ beautiful homes over the past couple of weeks and we tend to come away full of chatter about how amazing your homes are (plus a touch envious) and how cute your pets are but most of all we come away knowing we would love to help maintain your pride and joy for you and give you more time to enjoy what you have worked so hard for.


It’s now time to start to think about getting your windows cleaned and your furniture pulled out for the annual spring clean and we’d love nothing more than getting into those nooks and crannies that seem to get forgotten about over the year, the tops of curtain poles, behind the sofa or even down the back of your bed! The girls will come in with their magic wands (feather dusters) and with a flick of the wrist your home will be cobweb free and sparkling so you can get in from work and just relax with a nice cup of tea or a cold one of choice – depending on what kind of day you have had!


We as a team love to see the change of a room when it’s been cleaned – the before and after puts a smile on our faces, that’s what satisfies us, but we love leaving knowing we have made a difference. Why not let the girls help by sorting out a cupboard every week, be it in your bathroom cabinet, kitchen cupboards or even your cutlery draw (come on where do all those crumbs come from)? Is it just me or do you have little elves that come out at night and sprinkle dust and crumbs through the draw?  Let our housekeepers help by emptying out the draws, or cupboards, and giving it a good clean with our eco-friendly anti-bacterial products.


If you’re struggling with the cleaning and washing, or don’t have time to think about the piles of ironing, meaning you are heading to your work in your last pair of pants then give Pure Concierge Cleaning Co a ring and we will be more than happy to come and clean up and do your weekly housekeeping. Our Housekeepers will get that ironing done for you and your clothes back in the wardrobe where they belong.

Is that sock basket driving you so mad that you’re tempted to throw the lot out and buy new ones? because let’s face it, we all have one and the thought of sorting it out terrifies us! Let us take care of it – honestly the girls love a challenge, be it a sock basket or getting all your children’s toys back in their storage boxes where they belong instead of being sprawled across your front room, their bedroom and even the bathroom! Those of us with kids know how it goes so let our little cleaning fairies come to your rescue and take the stress out of your week.


Go forward with your week and take care of the important people in your lives whilst letting us do the chores. Just imagine coming back to a clean and tidy home knowing your work shirts/blouses don’t need to be ironed and you can open your sock draw in the morning knowing it’s full again (and also matching) without the stress of rooting around for a pair as your rushing to get ready meaning you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee with your family – those moments don’t have a price!


  Tip of the week.

We all love the smell of fresh washing so why not make yourself a cheap and easy room spray?

Buy yourself some eco fabric softener and add a cap full to a 500 ml spray bottle (these can be bought online for about £1), fill slowly with water, replace the top, shake well and away you go! Spritz your bedrooms, bathrooms and even sitting rooms and they will smell amazing and most importantly you’re not putting damaging chemicals into your home. (for best results spray the towels/soft furnishings or even the radiator – not into the air).


Have a fabulous week, take care of one another and remember it’s nice to be nice.


Sandra and the pure team.