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Who wants to inhale chemicals?

Firstly, thank you all for your continued support and reviews for our housekeepers and our handyman. They mean a great deal to a family run business like Pure and the staff obviously love hearing the positive feedback that they work so hard to get. If you haven’t left us any feedback it would be very much appreciated via our Facebook page or google. Just click on either one and it will take you where you need to go.


This fabulous weather we are having has got the bulbs popping already and the trees are starting to blossom making our days feel brighter adding a spring in our step.  It also spells the start of hay-fever season which is just around the corner (the ONLY bad thing about summer for those who suffer).


If you’re not already a client then why not let us take care of you and your home? When you use our services you will notice the difference between ‘normal’ cleaning companies and Pure Concierge Cleaning Co. Our values and attention to detail are what set us apart. Our Housekeepers are selected out of 100’s of applications and we like to pay them more than the industry standard to attract and keep the best there is. We hear so many times form new clients that random people would turn up to clean their home which we think is absolutely crazy! We want our housekeepers to become part of the family and build up great relationships – this is how we get to know what exactly you like us to do as everyone of our clients are totally different.


If you would like to get a quotation for Housekeeping or Handyman work just click here and our Housekeeping manager and I will put together a tailored quotation for you.


Our team work hard to keep your family healthy by not using chemicals to clean meaning no nasties floating around your home, it’s very scary to think of how many chemicals we unnecessarily inhale on a daily basis – be it in cleaning products, plugins, candles or even congestion relievers (Yup they are also filled with chemicals)!


I guess we are just too trusting on a whole – something so simple as a vapour rub that we use on our children is actually filled with chemicals!


What if I told you that you can make your own remedies and as an eco-cleaning company, we are all for this kind of thing. Or what if I told you that there are products out there we can use to replace the chemicals we even spray on our bodies daily, Small changes to the way we look at our lives and our health can go a long way.


As a housekeeping company in Newcastle and parts of Northumberland we are doing our best to help rid those nasties one home at a time. It may only be a small step but small steps lead to big steps and they lead to leaps and bounds and before you know it your off and running making your own life cleaner, greener and saving the planet for the next generation. We only use reusable bottles and go to the office to fill them up  to cut down on plastic waste (only 2 cap-fulls of Thieves household cleaner makes a 500 ml spay)!


Since we as a company were introduced to Young Living by one of our lovely clients we have learned so much – not just about their cleaning products I.e. house hold cleaner, laundry soap and hand wash but also ways of improving our well-being.  One of our team suffers really badly with chest problems and another has stomach problems but since being introduced to the range of oils we purchased in our starter kits their health has vastly improved. A drop of oil under the tongue or in a capsual or even a mixture of oils diffused, massaged or inhaled have seen such an huge improvement over the last 3-4 months.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the cleaning products we use or getting in with the lovely essential oils just follow this link and receive 24% off all of the products which are delivered directly to your door. Order here


Tip of the week:

Door handles, one of the most touched surfaces in your home or any building but also one of the least cleaned surfaces (Think of all those germs from various people’s hands)!


Add cleaning your handles to your regular clean to help stop spreading germs throughout your home – but remember to spray your cloth – NOT the handle as this is the most efficient way to clean and also won’t damage the handle or the paint work.


Enjoy the glorious weather while you can and remember – It’s nice to be nice.


Sandra and the pure team.