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Santa’s been and now it’s time for NYE in Newcastle

So the big fellow has been and your house keeping fairies are rushing around your homes doing what they can to restore your home to it being as clean and sparkly as possible.  Your baubles are still on your tree that we have successfully manouvered around in sitting rooms, hall way, porches and conservatories – we’ve even managed to dust around the decorations and your children that have broken up from school. The recycling bin is over flowing and everyone has forgotten what day it is. Gosforth, Jesmond, Whitley Bay and back to Newcastle just like Santa Claus but in the Pure Concierge car instead of a slay! And we clean instead of making a mess.

We have fluttered our dusters and vaccumed your floor and polished them as we go in our fab new slippers that our house keeping manager (Maggie) surprised us with for Christmas. Don’t  be surprised if you don’t see us sliding across your floor signing away like Huge Grant in Love Actually which no doubt you’ve already seen twice, the simplest of things makes us smile. Cleaning lalalaaaa 

You may see the girls sporting a new water bottle which was a gift from our boss, Simon, and personalised by yours truly. We like to know our girls are staying hydrated, on brand and as our job is very physical, with your heating up high, we become very thirsty as we rush from pillar to post. If you see your cleaning fairy starting to flag, fill up the bottle (with Gin maybe)! make sure they have a drink and they’ll be on their merry way again!

While you’re thinking about prepping your New Years lunch, we will be getting your house ready, your ovens have been cleaned, mirrors have been polished and tables are cleaned within an inch of their life ready to welcome your family, friends and maybe even that random guest that has ended up at your house – because let’s face it there is always one. 

But please Spare a thought for those who are struggling, maybe didn’t get anything off santa! We support the people’s kitchen in Newcastle so why not pop a couple extra tins in your shopping trolley and help them feed those in need during this festive and cold period.  Many schools have been collecting for food banks this year as more and more people are finding themseleves on hard times.  I had a rare afternoon away from my duster to watch my youngest sons Carol service (yes I sang, who doesn’t love silent night) our head teacher brought up the subject of the local food bank,  earlier this year they were worried they would struggle to have enough food to last until January but thanks to schools and the generosity of local people they can keep going well into the new year. Let’s keep it up and thank you to our amazing clients who have helped us collect food and warm clothing. 

So the house is clean you’ve done your bit to help others it’s now time to relax even if it’s only three days until New Year 2019. Your little faires will be enjoying those chocolates and wine you left them and raising a glass to you for their presents.  

Merry Christmas, have an amazing New Year’s Eve/day with your families and a HUGE thank you for your gifts and best wishes. Stay safe 

The pure team