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Where do those crumbs come from?

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Well, what a start to March and what a couple of weeks it’s been! Our phones have never stopped and neither have our team.  But we wouldn’t change a thing – our girls are starting new homes across Newcastle and Northumberland and our handy man is full of busy repairing homes,

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Naughty goats?

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Week by week we venture into new homes across Northumberland and Newcastle whilst welcoming more customers to our healthy and Eco-friendly way of life.


Life is busy for our housekeepers and Joiner – dropping the little ones at school, then working hard until your home is sparkling clean for you returning from work or our Joiner puts back together that job you started last year but just can’t seem to get finished (we’ve all done it)!

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February you’ve snuck up on us so quickly we didn’t see you coming! But seriously how is it the middle of February already? It feels like only yesterday we were stressing over Christmas and New year and now we have welcomed another month.


So what can we expect this month?

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We only went and won!

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The end of January is quickly approaching but it doesn’t seem five minutes ago we were stressing out over Christmas and cleaning for the big man’s arrival yet now we are living in hope that Thursday’s snow fall was as bad as its going to get, doubtful, but we can but dream of another gorgeous British summer.

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It’s nice to be nice

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So that’s it – the first week back at work and school are done and to be honest it’s been a tough old week.  Not just for myself but for the whole Pure team and some of our clients here in the northeast.  The dreaded winter colds and stomach bugs have hit and are lingering around to find their next victim. 

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Happy new year!

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So, the festivities are all over here on Tyneside and January is sailing away at a steady pace but don’t be too sad as your little housekeeping fairies are still here to clean up the last of the glitter left behind from the Christmas cards along with your sparkly clothes you wore for New Year’s Eve.

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The trees are up!

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So, the trees are creeping up and the glitter is sticking to every surface including your face – you’ve wiped the sweat from your brow as the heating is set on high and your slowly becoming jack frost in spring time.  Yup winter also brings the ‘let’s heat the street and half the city’ while the house keeper rushes around your home like a whirling dervish getting all your requirements done.

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